HSN.uk.net - The Learning Community

HSN.uk.net has a unique approach to education, based on establishing an online learning community.

The site was created by two Secondary School students, and over the past two years it has become increasingly popular with students and teachers alike.

Free Notes

There are currently free, downloadable notes for nine courses on the site. These include detailed notes for Higher Chemistry and Higher Maths.

Additionally, HSN contribute allows students and teachers from across the country to share their notes by uploading them to the site.

HSN forum

The forum was launched in November 2003, and now has over 4000 members. It is the core of our ‘learning community’, and has proved especially popular during prelim and exam time.

Anyone can create a free account, enabling them to post questions about their studies in sections dedicated to each subject. There are also areas for revision tips, university and careers advice, plus a section for members to chat about anything they like.

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HSN extra - Exclusively for Teachers

HSN extra offers a range of new materials for Higher Maths.

In the same way that HSN.uk.net is driven by pupils; HSN extra is firmly focused on providing the materials that teachers want.

Our range of products has been produced in consultation with teachers, and includes:

Quest - Free!

  • An online database of questions, with tools for making exercises.
  • Includes more than 300 past SQA Higher questions, with permission.
  • Already used in dozens of schools.

Objective Question Bank

  • More than 100 questions from throughout the course.
  • Fully pre-tested with hundreds of real Higher pupils from across Scotland.
  • Handwritten solutions for all questions.
  • Ready-made exercises for quick and easy use, plus the freedom to make your own exercises using Quest.


  • New versions of the Practice NAB Assessments, complete with marking instructions.
  • Outcome exercises covering the whole course. Each of the 12 Outcomes is covered with questions at all levels.
  • Unit exercises covering the harder content of each Unit. There are two for each Unit, so one might be issued as homework, and the other set as a class test.

These materials are all provided with solutions. Once a department has paid for access to the exercises, they can make as many copies as they need.

Detailed solutions for past papers

  • An extensive catalogue of solutions to Higher and Advanced Higher papers
  • Can be downloaded, printed and copied for use in the registered department
  • Are handwritten, to display good practice in the layout of answers
  • Alternative methods are provided where appropriate

Specially formatted notes

  • New versions of our free Higher Maths notes, designed for teaching
  • Interactive whiteboard files containing all the examples, so the teacher can work through the solutions
  • Solutions blanked out on a set of notes, so pupils can complete them

Your feedback and suggestions about the products offered by HSN extra would be greatly appreciated.

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